1. Where should I set up my stand?
Anthem LemonAid's available Walmart, Kroger, Chick Fil-A and Sweet Frog locations are great options. Check the registration page for individual store availability. Swimming pools, baseball fields, grocery stores, yard sales, local businesses and your neighborhood or front yard are all great locations too.
2. After LemonAid weekend is over, how do I turn in my money?
Please mail your check or money order for the amount raised to the address below. 

Children's Miracle Network Hospitals
Attn: Anthem LemonAid
2924 Brook Road
Richmond, VA 23220
You can pay by credit card by calling Children's Miracle Network Hospitals at 804-228-5934. If you do need to turn in cash, there will be one opportunity for you to do so at the hospital's 2924 Brook Road Campus on Tuesday, July 23rd from 11am-2pm. 
Frequently Asked Questions
3. What happens if it is raining during my stand shift?
Please use your best judgement if there are poor weather conditions. Stands located at Walmart, Kroger, Chick Fil-A and Sweet Frog can not be held indoors so please pack up and head home in plenty of time if weather conditions look stormy. There is no rain date for these locations.
If you are setting up your stand at a location that you selected (such as a home or neighborhood) and there is rain, you are welcome to postpone your stand until the following weekend.
4. What do I do with my extra kit supplies?
As a safety measure, unopened and unused kit supplies cannot be returned. Please save any extra kit supplies to use at your stand next year.
5. What if I need to cancel my stand?
If you need to cancel your stand, email AnthemLemonAid@chfRichmond.org.
6. What if I cannot host a stand during the specified date?
Although we prefer to have all stands hosted the weekend of July 19-21, if you are unavailable that weekend but would still like to set up a stand, please call Amy Dickstein at 804.228.5934 to make arrangements.
7. Are there materials available to promote my stand?
Absolutely! Just click on the links below to download.
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